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What’s on at Perth Comedy Festival 2019 – Week 1Welcome to the Perth Comedy Festival 2019!  The best in the business have....
2018 Gala SCF_ChatswoodConcourse_Zakarij-0097
Australia’s funniest are coming to Perth!        Our island home produces comedians that are....
Run Funches 609x300
Catch the new wave of comedy stars at this year’s FestivalCheck out something new this Festival!   We've got an exciting....
David O'Doherty 609x300
The superstars of comedy return with brand new shows!The best in the biz are back and taking over venues all across Perth this....
Full 2019 Program On Sale Now!We’ve just dropped our full program for 2019, and it’s a doozy if we do say....
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GIVE THE GIFT OF LOLS!The perfect gift for anyone who loves to laugh! Gift Vouchers and....
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